What's the meaning of my business name - FINIX POST

Today the challenge is to talk about the meaning of my business name. What kind of work I do? Well, I am not really into a business. Entrepreneurship maybe I’ll take it up in future but just because I have a blog doesn’t make me an entrepreneur.
 For calling yourself an entrepreneur, you need to have a business with a proper business model. Until then, you can only use this word to catch some people’s attentions that are not well versed with the kind of work you say you do.

But still, a business it is. FINIX POST. This might not be fixed with a proper business model but the plan has already been made and the steps are already being taken to turn FINIX POST into a full-fledged business.  I would say it’s in the zero phase of its development.
But what’s with the name? If you try to find the meaning of FINIX POST in dictionary, you won’t find one. Because FINIX is no word in itself, at least it hasn’t found its place in the dictionary yet. And please! It isn’t inspired from the word ‘phoenix’. Grow up!
The real inspiration of FINIX POST are two things – The HUFFINGTON POST and the word FINICKY
The site is a very popular blog all over the world and I have had followed HUFFINGTON POST since a long time and had been quite inspired through it. In fact, one can say my spirit of blogging emerged from it. But for those who want to know, if it’s still the source of my inspiration – NO.
I hate the low quality content that is posted on the site nowadays and that’s why I thought that the world needs something better. World needs FINIX POST.
Finicky is something very detailed. It’s used in negative sense sometimes but that’s it – finicky means being very particular about details just like I am when I publish posts on my blog.
So, that’s how it came- FINIX POST. Two words – one without meaning and one with meaning working together to fulfill my dream - to provide a repository of informative and useful content to the people of all age groups. THIS IS FINIX POST


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