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I Need To Control My Mind

I had a really bad day yesterday.  It began with a stupid comment on one of my Booktube videos. I resisted the urge to reply back and make that person realize how dumb his questions were, which he/she anonymously asked. But then it's not worth wasting your time on such individuals.  However, this brilliant observation didn't do great to improve my mood. I come downstairs and I am reminded of all those customers I need to call, a dreadful task for me as I am too scared about handling customers. That went well but the second blow came up when I tried to help my dad fix a phone. After a mini heart attack that happened because I forgot to delete some pictures from the phone that I didn't want them to see, I started trying to fix the problem. He uses the app for stock trading and the app wasn't working. As usual, the customer care representative of this company, like every other company in India, didn't know anything beyond what was taught to them in direct w

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