The Magic Formula for Time Management

All this time when people have asked me about my blog and how I take out time to write so much, I have had only one answer 'I love to write'. 
But this wasn't the real answer I had been quoting till a few days back. In fact, every time I was asked this question about how I manage to do all this and why I do all this, I forced my brain to think of new reasons and wow! I always had different reasons to share.
Time management is no simple task and each one of us knows it very well. And I am sure many of you would be trying to find out some magic formula that could help you out to manage your time efficiently and start doing something new apart from the things you are already doing.
I have been trying to figure out that magic formula since a very long time but had obviously failed. Do you know why?
Often, humans tend to ignore the things they already possess and they keep looking for those kinds of things and keep failing of course. The reason for the failure? They don’t realize that they already possess that thing, that magic formula and all they need to d
o is to recognize it.
The magic formula for time management is also like this. Each one of us already has it and we just need to make ourselves realize that we need to stop looking and start recognizing our powers.
Well, I am writing this post for I have realized that. I have discovered the magic formula. How?
One day when I was too fed up and exhausted with the work I do and was finding it too difficult to manage all this, I thought of asking for help and then I contacted a friend of mine asking him a question -'how do you manage work apart from studies?'
Instead of telling me a story about how he does it (which I usually do when asked about such a thing), he replied back with just one message - "I love doing what I do".
And seriously since that day my life has been much easier. Yes, I am still confused. I am not able to take a proper decision about many things in my life (career related, studies related, blog related) but  now I feel a lot easier while managing stuff for I have just one voice resonating in my heart all the time, "I am doing it because I love it". And THIS is the magic formula.
Now this seems to be so stupid. How your problems which needed proper time management skills and planning got fixed with just one thought? 
However it may sound, but it is as simple as it looks like.. 
I can mange things easily now for I know I am doing what I love. Things which I don't love, I simply don't do those. This is how you manage your time. This is how I manage my time. And this is my Magic Formula..


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