Book Review: Rise of the Sun Prince by Shubha Vilas

Why would anyone want to read a story that has been read or heard by almost every Indian? Why would anyone want to listen to a story that has been told on the Indian television more than two times in a grand way?
The story of Lord Rama would have been told many a time. You might be well acquainted with almost all the happenings in the life of Lord Rama but I am sure your learning from the story of Lord Rama is limited.
The Ramayana has a story where each event has its own significance and intends to teach a unique lesson. And the latest book written by Shubha Vilas – Ramayana – the Game of Life is the retold story of The Ramayana that intends to teach you all the lessons that you might have missed while reading or watching or listening to The Ramayana.
I happened to read the Book 1 of the series ‘Ramayana – The Game of Life’. Rise of the Sun Prince is an amazing book that refers to different Ramayanas written by different saints at different times. Of course, The Valmiki Ramayana is given utmost importance while framing this story.
Rise of The Sun Prince

Review for the Rise of the Sun Prince

As you might have already guessed, I loved this book. Even though I know the story very well, I found the book interesting and exciting. But this is not what I liked the most about the book.
The thing I liked the most about the book is the way each incident is explained. Shubha Vilas has tried to explain the reason and learning behind each incident that happened in the life of Lord Rama. And he has done that in an exceptional and appreciable way.
 Due to these explanations, I have been able to take a great lesson from this book. There are many such lessons but I absorbed the one I needed the most and I think whosoever reads this book would be equally impressed and benefitted with the book.
The Rise of the Sun Prince tells the story beginning from the birth of Lord Rama to his marriage. Of course, that leaves me excited for the next book which I want to read for sure.
I read a lot of books. LOT OF BOOKS. But there are few that put such an indelible impression on me and this happens to be one of those books. I would certainly recommend this book to each one of you. Go grab it before it gets sold out.

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