Negativity: Why And How To Get Rid Of It

Negativity – a situation which begs you to expect for the worst. This is actually a kind of emotion that becomes the biggest reason for someone’s defeat. No matter how many people try to motivate you, no matter how much one tries to tell you that you can do it, no matter how much one tries to instill the confidence in you, if you have joined hands with negativity, you’re surely going to fail.
Have you ever come across by a situation when everything that is in front of you seems to be wrong, very wrong? Okay, so your parents didn’t let you pursue your passion and forced you to enter a profession you hated from the bottoms of your soul. Now, you’re stuck with that profession and you see no way to get out of it. You always wanted to learn and create music but there’s no chance for it now!
Is it really so? If you think there’s no way to get out of the profession you’re currently in, does that mean there’s seriously not any way? If you think it’s impossible for you to pursue your passion now, does that mean it’s seriously an impossible task? Or is it just the negativity in your mind that makes you think that all of those things which you were unable to do at a particular point in your life are still out of your reach?
You won’t even realize how close you are to the road which is going to take you towards your dream, your passion. But you know what; the negativity in you would never let you notice that very turn. You would keep walking on the straight road where you see no goal, no happiness, nothing at all. You would just keep walking.
Whose fault is it now? Is it the fault of your parents or your bad destiny that you didn’t see that turn? But isn’t it only you who couldn’t notice that turn which was supposed to take you on the road of your dreams? I mean, it was there of course.
What are you supposed to do now? You see nothing which could make you happy. You feel stuck and want to get rid of this horrible life. You cannot take it anymore. You have just lost. My friend, this is what the ‘negativity’ in your life shows you. But did you ever try to think what’s actually in front of you?
Just a few steps away, you’ve a turn which is going to give you whatever you wanted since a long time. All you need to do is to notice that turn and move. But beware! That turn would always be invisible to you unless you decide to see it.  And it would happen only when you take off those negative thoughts from your mind. It would happen when you bid farewell to Negativity.
Forget that you are walking on the wrong road. It’s all about tricking your brain. Right now, it’s telling you that you chose a wrong path and you hate walking on it. Tell him that this is exactly the right path you wanted to walk on, you’re just waiting for the turn and right when you take the turn, you would be able to see what you want. Trust me! It’s not that difficult.

Don’t let your brain control you. Become the leader and control what you think and how you think. Say good bye to the negativity in you and the magic would begin! You would reach exactly where you wanna be!


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