Book Review - Game Of Thrones

 As a sword needs a wet stone to keep its sharp edge,mind needs books, lots of books, to keep itself sharp.
Well, these lines from the book strengthened my spirit and make me want to read more and more books.
When I held this book in my hands for the first time, there was nothing much that I expected. Game of Thrones - from the very  name and cover page of this book, I could have guessed that the book is going to be about kings and battles ...

But when I started reading it, I came across much more than I had ever imagined to expect. This book is full of all the emotions and elements; this book is a journey full of violence, treachery, loyalty  honesty, love, families, romance, conspiracies, back stabbing and much more.

Those 780 pages - they kept holding me firmly till I reached at the very 780th page and you know what, I still want to read more. Yes, the girl who tends to faint when she even dreams about reading a book with so many pages, that very girl wants to read more even after completing 780 pages. It's that interesting.

But to my good luck, this book is a part of a series  - The Song of Ice And Fire  by George R.R. Martin. Some of you might have heard about this book as the seasons based on these books are being aired on HBO as well.
But a book is a book. And this one - its amazing with all its unexpected twists and turns. I remember when I was reading this book , I used to discuss what I read with a friend and ask him about what is going to happen next as he had already finished reading the same book. Though, I never wanted him to tell me as it would have marred all the fun and excitement. I did curse him for some truths he told me when I asked him which were revealed in the book very late and in a super amazing manner. But still, when I read the last line of this book, my mouth was actually open wide in astonishment as I had never expected all that to happen.
If you think this book is not your type and you ain't be reading this book, in other words, if you have a taste like me :P - I would still recommend this book to you.
Yes, it was that awesome. Each page, each line, and each excite word of this book was filled with interest and excitement.
Well, I am looking forward to read the next book - A Clash of Kings.
My ratings - *****

Another set of nice lines from the book -

If they want to give you a name, take it make it your own.
 Then they cannot hurt you with it anymore.

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  1. wow, you have the Game of Thrones book!! That's just awesome..
    From the day I found out that Game of Thrones first came as Novels, I wanted to read them, But I was not sure if I'd like it after watching the series..
    So, is the book as awesome as the Lord of the rings series? and Do you think after watching the TV series, it'd still be an awesome read?

    1. Well, I cannot compare the book to Lord Of Rings series as I haven't read any book of that series.
      The book is slightly different from the TV series according to what I've heard. Moreover, as I had earlier said, a book is a book. The joy of reading a book cannot be compared to the TV series.
      I do think that it would be really good to read the book even if you have watched the series.

    2. You know, you could've just said no..

    3. Hey, sorry. Wasn't able to reply as I had been away from my blog and internet because of exams and other engagements.
      And about the book, well, I had borrowed the book from a friend. So, I couldn't have helped anyway.
      The book is easily available on flipkart if you want to buy one. :)
      Sorry once again


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