1. wow, you have the Game of Thrones book!! That's just awesome..
    From the day I found out that Game of Thrones first came as Novels, I wanted to read them, But I was not sure if I'd like it after watching the series..
    So, is the book as awesome as the Lord of the rings series? and Do you think after watching the TV series, it'd still be an awesome read?

    1. Well, I cannot compare the book to Lord Of Rings series as I haven't read any book of that series.
      The book is slightly different from the TV series according to what I've heard. Moreover, as I had earlier said, a book is a book. The joy of reading a book cannot be compared to the TV series.
      I do think that it would be really good to read the book even if you have watched the series.

    2. You know, you could've just said no..

    3. Hey, sorry. Wasn't able to reply as I had been away from my blog and internet because of exams and other engagements.
      And about the book, well, I had borrowed the book from a friend. So, I couldn't have helped anyway.
      The book is easily available on flipkart if you want to buy one. :)
      Sorry once again